Ontelaunee’s Tuesday Night PRS
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Ontelaunee will be following the 2024 PRS Regional Series Rules for each of these Informal fundraising Events.

Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club will be hosting (5) Club Member only 2 Stage PRS style centerfire Informal Matches over the summer.

These informal fundraising matches are intended to allow members wishing to try this style of Precision Long Range Rifle Shooting the opportunity to come out for a fun night at the club with other members.

We will be shooting 2 stages each week on the 200/300 Yard Range and targets will be between 150 & 300 Yards.  A 200-yard Zero is recommended.

All Stage Targets will be Steel & Between 2 & 4 MOA, except the KYL Rack has a 1 MOA Steel Target on it.

Current Dates:  (Weather Permitting) 5:00pm Setup

  • Tuesday June 25th – 5:30pm till Sunset
  • Tuesday July 9th – 5:30pm till Sunset
  • Tuesday July 23rd – 5:30pm till Sunset
  • Tuesday August 6th – 5:30pm till Sunset
  • Tuesday August 20th – 5:30pm till Sunset


  • Production – Bolt Action
  • Open – Bolt Action
  • Semi-Auto

Information & Restrictions:

  • No Steel Core or Green Tip
    • (If a Magnet Sticks to your Ammo you will not be allowed to use it in the Match)
  • 30 Caliber or Smaller with a MAXIMUM Velocity 3,200 fps!
    • Popular Calibers Allowed:
      • 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem
      • 6.5 Creedmoor
      • 224 Valkyrie
      • 6mm Creedmoor
      • 6mm ARC
      • 6 Dasher
      • .308 Winchester
  • Must wear Eye & Ear Protection
  • Match will be limited 16 shooters for the June 25th Date
    • This is a fundraising event a $6.00 Club Donation is required
  • Each Stage will be limited to 10-18 Rounds & 90 Second Par Times
    • No more than 30 Rounds per Match

Additional information will become available  as this informal Fundraising Match proceeds through the Summer.

For more information email the Multi-Gun Match Director at