Whether you’re interested in registered targets or just busting clays, there is something for you. Ontelaunee has 6 trap ranges and can accommodate standard 16 yard singles, doubles, handicap and Wobble.
Contact Trap: Roger Wanamaker (484) 788-2935

Trap Committee Roger Wanamaker

Saturday Trap Shooting From 10:00am – 4:00pm Year round, except Youth Field day and Ladies in the Outdoors. $5.00/round 25 targets

Anyone under the age of 16 will pay $3.00/round 25 targets

Like shooting Trap? Well, we have two times available for you to get out there. Whether you are a member, thinking of joining, or only want to shoot some trap, come on out Thursday evenings or Saturdays.  Membership is NOT required to shoot trap!!!

On the following times, the Board of Directors would like to invite you to be our guest.

Thursday Night Trap 2020 June 11th through October 29th for Thursdays. New start time of 5:00pm and we will shoot up to 10pm ($5.00/round 25 targets)

Any shooter who breaks the white, green, or exploding orange bird will receive a voucher for one Free round!

Bored of busting them all? Maybe you need some competition.

  • Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the 2020 spring league has been rescheduled for June 11th – August 6th with the shoot off on August 13th.
  • The Lehigh Valley Winter League from September – March.
  • And the Suburban League is September to February.
  • Perhaps something even more formal like ATA Trap?

Stop by some Thursday and get more information. No Thursday Trap November – March

Remember, every Saturday there will be at least one trap field open. Come on out and try it. We can set up a wobble trap, Doubles, or set a trap to repeat a troublesome target for you to work on.

If our members would prefer to throw their own clays, this is permitted also. Please, all hand throwing shall occur between traps 1 and 2, next to the archery range.

Here is a great link for more information on Trap: