Contact: Kathy DiCarlo at 484-554-4325 for more info:

Ontelaunee Women’s Pistol is a group open to all women beginner, intermediate and advanced levels who are Ontelaunee club members in good standing. We meet once a month to enjoy “trigger time” for fun and to practice together. 

Our meeting dates are posted in the club house/club website. 

We offer Shooting in a safe way focusing on Safety First, USPSA ( United States Practical Shooting Association) shooting on the move, Defensive skill drills. IDPA ( International Defensive Pistol Association) Low light, No light shooting, Steel Shooting, Perverted Pin Matches, Snap cap/Malfunction drills. 

As a group we do volunteer together for several event’s throughout the year to benefit the club. We encourage that you find what you love to do to and volunteer at the club individually. We are dedicated to the success of Ontelaunee.  

   Ontelaunee Women’s Pistol

2020 shooting Schedule:

You MUST be a current in good standing Ontelaunee club member to participate.


  • 12 Sun. Low Light Shooting. Inside shooting at clubhouse. You will need a flashlight for this class. We recommend: Coast PX25 Fixed beam LED light 19270 **no strobes.
  • 23 Sun. Low light, No light. Shooting inside at clubhouse. Need above flashlight.        
  • 14 Sat. Practice Steel Match. To prepare for Steel Shooting 2020 matches.      
  • **SPRING RAFFLE. Sun. Mar. 29 **Ladies, volunteering encouraged to support the club.
  • 18 Sat. Fundamental Skill Drills.
  • May 29 &30 set up Sat. As a group we shoot the Perverted Pin Match. *Sign up required.
  • June 20 Sat. Snap Caps/malfunction drills
  • July 18 Sat.  USPSA Run/Gun
  • Aug 29 Sat.  Self Defense Drills **Aug. 16 Club Picnic. Volunteering encouraged to support the club.
  • 12,13 Sat. set up, Sun. As a group we shoot the Perverted Pin Match. Sign up required.
  • 18 Sun. Fast & Furious Shooting from a Parked Car. ***Blue Mountain Steel Challenge. Oct 2.3.4.  Fri, Sat, Sun. As a group we run the Snack Shack and shoot the match. Sign Up’s required.
  • 14 Sat. Fundamental Skill Drills     ***Fall Raffle: TBA. Volunteering encouraged.
  • 13 Sun. IDPA (INTERNATIONAL DEFENSIVE PISTOL ASSOCIATION) *Defensive Scenario’s to practice shooting under pressure. ** Moving and Shooting. Wear proper shoes.

**Low light, No light: techniques of shooting in low/no light conditions. Gun handling with a hand            held flashlight, moving off of the X, maintaining cover.                                                   

** Fundamental Skill Drills: Practice speed, weak/strong hand, reloading, accuracy.

**Perverted Pin Match: Stages set using Bowling Pins. Official Match. Sign Up required.

**USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) Shooting scenarios to Shoot on the move.

**Self Defensive Drills: Practice Draw, Pistol presentation, Point Shooting, Tap Rack Bang, Reloading.  

**Bring your legally owned-firearm, ammunition (approx.: 100 rounds), sturdy belt with outside the waistband holster, or case/bag. **Your Ontelaunee id must be worn at all times.

**Cold Range: All guns are unloaded in holster, bag or case for this instructional meet.

**Meets begin at 9:30am-12:00 noon. Cost: $10.00. Meets are outdoors on pistol range unless otherwise informed.

**Photo’s: If you would like your photo or video of your shoot. Ask someone to use your phone.

**Connect with us via face book or via email. Take a business card for all contact information.


Please join us!