Run and Gun

Next Match is on Saturday, July 27th 2024 – Check in – 7:30pm – 8:15pm

Match fee is $40

Contact Tim at

Night Suppressor Match Info
This is a fun match for people to try out their toys!
Anything goes; lasers, night vision* weapon mounted lights……
Rules for a night match in addition to the standard Run and Gun rules below:
Must have shot at least a dozen matches before trying this. Only experienced shooters can participate.
Subsonic ammo with suppressor. If your round cracks and breaks the sound barrier because it is not
subsonic it is a DQ because of the neighbors that live closer to the club.
No running. We know it is Run and Gun but at night things are a lot different. When we first started
these matches a very experienced shooter was running in the dark and fell.
*Please let us know if you are going to use night vision.
Shooting boundaries would be laid out with yellow chem-lights
Props/obstacles/hazards would be marked by orange chem-lights

This is a video from our first night suppressor match. All firearms being used had suppressors and used subsonic ammo.

Here is another video from our night Suppressor match. This video was created by Eric Bruder.