Club Pistol & Rifle Ranges

Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club, has several rifle and pistol ranges for the general membership to use.  In addition to the five (5) general membership ranges, the club also maintains 9 additional ranges for training and competition.   The training and competition ranges are for training and competition only, they are not open for general member use.

The 25-yard pistol range allows members to shoot center fire & rimfire pistols, rimfire rifles, and “Pistol Caliber Carbines” (PCC’s).

Members are NOT ALLOWED to shoot any Centerfire Rifle Calibers or Shotguns on the 25-yard range! 

In addition to the 25-yard range, members are allowed to shoot pistols on the membership training bay, the 50-yard, 100-yard, 200-yard and 300-yard ranges.

As a club member or visitor, you are required to know all the range rules, SO PLEASE read the range rules below before coming to the club.

National Shooting Sports Foundation Safety video
Takes less than 3-minutes to Watch

Firearm Safety: First, Last and Always from NSSF on Vimeo.

*Ranges can be closed by a club officer or board member for safety reason or maintenance.

Please read the pistol range rules and the general club range rules before coming to the club.

Pistol Range Rules

25-Yard Pistol Range

1. The firing line on this range is under the overhang. All shooting must be done from the firing line under the overhang.

2. Please move the target stands to the distance you want to shoot from the firing line.

3. When shooting targets on the target stands make sure your bullets go into the berm downrange and do not hit another target stand.

4. Any damage done to the target stand supports, bases or bullets that go over the berm will result in your expulsion from the club.

5. Absolutely No centerfire rifle cartridges or shotgun rounds are allowed to be fired on the 25-yard pistol range.

6. Do not hang targets over the wood supports and do not shoot the bases of the targets. If you are hitting the wood supports, you are either shooting too fast or you do not have the skills required to shoot at this distance. Shooting the supports and target bases will result in permanent expulsion from the club.

Membership Training Bay. The Membership Training Bay is located to the left (west) of the 25-yard pistol range, just prior to the entrance gate to the competition ranges and is able to be used by members when not in use for club sponsored events & competitions.  This bay requires the member to bring their own portable target stands and or legitimate steel targets to use the bay. When placing your target stands or steel targets you must make sure that your rounds are going into the berm. Take the extra time to confirm that all rounds will strike below the top 1/3 of the berm and remember if you hang your target too high and then shoot and any round goes over the berm. This is a safety violation, and you will be expelled from the club.

On the Membership Training Bay No center fire rifle cartridges or slugs are allowed.

If you have interest in buying your own portable target stands (light weight metal) please email Tim at

Ontelaunee Rod Gun Club – General Club Range Rules and Information

1. Always keep all firearms pointed down range. – (NRA Gun Safety Rule #1 ALWAYS Keep a Gun pointed in a safe direction.) All shots must go into the berm/backstop. Rounds that go over the berm/backstop may result in club expulsion.

2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. (NRA Gun Safety Rule #2)

3. When not in use all firearm magazines must be removed, actions or breech open and firearm unloaded. (NRA Gun Safety Rule #3 ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.)

4. Never handle a firearm when someone is down range.

5. Never use alcohol before or while shooting. Never use over-the-counter, prescription, or other drugs which may impair your abilities before or while shooting.

6. Intentional damage of club property will result in automatic expulsion from the club.

7. Walking on ranges or parking area with slung rifles is prohibited.

8. Targets, shells, empty cases and all trash must be picked up after shooting on the ranges.

9. Members are required to display their current membership cards when at the club.

10. Membership is required to use the ranges and guests are permitted with a paid guest pass. An adult member may bring a maximum of two guests and must pay the daily guest fees ($10 for adults and $5 for juniors). Any club member that brings a guest is responsible for their safety and adherence to club rules while they are on club property.

11. Junior members (17yrs and younger) must be accompanied by an adult club member (18 years or older).

12. All people on the firing line are required to wear ear and eye protection when at the ranges.

13. Shooting hours are 8:30 A.M. until sunset, unless an event is scheduled on the ranges.

14. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the ranges.

15. Spectators are never allowed on the firing line. They must stay behind the firing line or in their vehicles or in the picnic area near the sheds.

16. Fully-Automatic firearms are not allowed to be used on the ranges.

17. Only paper targets, New Bold Targets and legitimate steel targets allowed on ranges. No steel targets on the 50 yard range. No exploding targets on any range.

18. No open toe shoes, no low-cut tops or cut off shirts.

Shotgun info: Birdshot is allowed on the trap ranges, shotgun patterning range and pit next to the 25 yard range. Buckshot is only allowed on the 50 yard range and pit next to the pistol range. Slugs are only allowed on the rifle ranges. Ranges may be closed on some dates so refer to the web site, club schedule or bulletin board at the club house.

Safety violations may result in expulsion from the club

Club meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 P.M.


We Need Help from the Membership

For more than a few years now, the target stands on the 25-yard pistol range are being intentionally destroyed via the use of shotgun use which is not allowed on the range. This hurts all of the members who want to shoot pistol and the volunteers who help keep the facility up.

We need all members to be alert and help find these people who think it is fun to destroy club property. Ontelaunee is a member’s only club that runs on volunteers. We have lost several volunteers because of the amount of damage and out of frustration they gave up helping. This also costs the club money that would be better spent on other projects.

We need to police our fellow members. If you see someone destroying club property you need to report it to a range officer if on duty, or by  contacting a club Board Member or Club Officer.  If the people destroying the club property are members we need to get rid of them and ban them from the club. If people who are not members are coming onto the property and doing this damage we need to catch them so we can have them charged with trespassing and vandalism. Any information is helpful. Member name, car, license plate, or any other info you can give us. The photo below shows the type of damage done to target stands and there location. This will not be tolerated.

Please keep a watchful eye on people when they are on the ranges and watch for any abuse of club property.