Sunday September 8th, 2024
8:00am sign-in/registration
9:00am hammer down

Hear ye!, Hear ye!
Come one, come all to not quite the Greatest Shoot on Earth!
Yes, friends and neighbors, it is time again for our Perverted Pins MAtch!

Some of the stages that you loved so well will be here once again,
plus perhaps stages even more… diabolical…?

Price To Shoot the Match is $20.00 at Registration

Match Director Tim Miller –

Match Information

Stock Auto, Open Auto, Stock Revolver, Open Revolver and Pistol Caliber Carbine!

Pistols – 10 rounds maximum in a magazine

PCC – No Magazine restrictions

you can shoot .22LR but we suggest you don’t (you are trying to knock down bowling pins after all)

you don’t need a holster but will be penalized 1 second per stage

Number of match targets – 58

you can switch ammo from one stage to another, but not gun/caliber

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