Club Membership Orientation

Why is Orientation Mandatory for Membership?

With all the offerings members have at their fingertips, not to mention the over 214 acres of property the club is sprawled out over.  Orientation is a mandatory part of becoming an adult member at the club and one of four requirements that need to be completed on your way to gaining membership status.

What to bring to Orientation?

Besides your shared enjoyment for the outdoors, All attendees must bring Photo identification and proof of current address listed on the application.
Juniors without photo identification, ie. passport, need to be accompanied by an adult with proof of address for the check-in.
Additionally, all attendees must bring eye and hearing protection with them to orientation!
Proper clothing is also required to be worn, this means no open toed shoes, no low-cut tops or cut off shirts.
Besides the obvious eye and ear protection being worn, the proper footwear and clothing requirement is to help minimize injury from hot brass that ejects from active firearms and the club’s insurance carrier requires this as part of our range rule’s policy.

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Upcoming Dates and the Location of Orientation

The Orientation class starts in the main clubhouse and normally last approximately 1-1/2 hours.
Depending on the time of year and what activities are ongoing at the club, attendees maybe shown areas of the property and proper attire is required.
If the weather is bad (snow and ice) always check the home page before you leave to come to an orientation.
If orientation is postponed, it will be posted on the home page and the new date and time will be posted on this page.
Again, unless the home page posts that Orientation is canceled specifically that day, it will be held, please don’t call or email to confirm.

Who is required to attend Orientation and who can?

All applicants seeking membership must first submit and pay for their application, see the New Membership Page, then all applicants ages 18 and up, must complete the club’s orientation.

Existing club members are welcome to and also encouraged to attend any orientation, at any time.

All Junior membership applicates, those not yet 18 years of age, are not required to attended orientation to obtain their junior membership.  Reason, Junior members are not allowed on any of the club property when not accompanied by, and directly supervised by, an adult member in good standing.  However, junior members are encouraged to attend an orientation at any time and as often as they would like.

Junior members are however required to complete orientation prior to obtaining their adult membership and turning 18 years of age, as thus, junior members may take orientation at any time between their 9th and 18th birthdays to satisfy the adult membership orientation requirement, and as long as, they don’t have a lapse in membership between the date they attend orientation and the date they apply for their adult membership, and an adult membership card is issued.

New applicants and existing members do not need to pre-register to attend an orientation, you just need to show up on the correct date and time at the clubhouse and attend on one of the scheduled dates, please don’t call or email to confirm a spot, orientation is open to all applicants and members.

Orientation for All adult applicants must be completed within 6-months of the club’s receipt of your completed and accepted application, failure to attend orientation within the 6-month deadline, will result in forfeiture of all funds and a new application being required to be submitted, with a new payment.

The list of adult attendees who complete orientation will be reviewed at the next general club membership meeting, along with the list of current junior applicants.

Membership Cards

Adult Membership cards will only be issued to applicants who’s completed application has been received and accepted by the club’s membership secretary, paid the associated dues and fees to the club and the funds have cleared, completed an orientation within the required 6-month timeframe for the application received and have been voted in as a new member at one of the monthly membership meetings within the application’s required timeframe.

Junior Membership cards will only be issued to new applicants under the age of 18, who’s completed application has been received and accepted by the club’s membership secretary, paid the associated dues and fees to the club and the funds have cleared, and have been voted in as a junior member at a monthly membership meeting, associated with the application.

After new applicants have met all the requirements, a temporary membership card will be emailed to you within approximately 1 week from the membership meeting that voted on your membership.  Your actual membership card will be mailed out within approximately 3 weeks of when your temporary card is emailed to you.  If you don’t have an email, you will have to wait for the actual membership card to come in the mail.

Questions about Orientation

If you have any questions specifically about orientation that are not already covered on this webpage, you can email the club’s Orientation Director.

If you have questions specifically about membership, contact the membership secretary, Do not bother the club’s Orientation Director about your membership.

Orientation Director: Tim Miller at .

An introduction to the grounds and what the Club has to Offer Members

Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club Inc. is one of Pennsylvania’s premier Rod & Gun Clubs.  The club consists of over 214 acres located just north of the intersection of Gun Club Road and Fort Everett Road in New Tripoli, Pennsylvania.

The club grounds include many options for membership to enjoy, beginning with the trap and skeet ranges just outside the main clubhouse.

Then just a short walk east of the trap ranges are the outdoor archery ranges and the soon to be completed new indoor archery range.

If we head southeast back towards the intersection of Gun Club Road and Fort Everett Road, just northeast of the intersection you will find the fishpond which opens each spring with the annual Fish Rodeo for kids and adults alike.

Just west of the fishpond on the west side of Gun Club Road and north of Fort Everett Road is the Internation Trap Range and one of the club’s two shotgun patterning ranges.

Now, circling back up to just west of the clubhouse and north of the skeet range, you will find the Pheasant pen, where the club raises pheasants for the annual junior pheasant hunt each year.

Under the clubhouse is the indoor Junior Rifle Team Range, and when you head just west of the skeet range you will quickly run into the second of the club’s two shotgun patterning ranges just before entering into the woods that house the club’s competition 3-D archery area and the club road that takes you to the west side of the property.

Now as you drive west through the competition 3-D archery woods, you will then exit the woods and find the membership’s 50, 100, 200 & 300 yard rifle ranges, the membership’s 25 yard pistol range and the membership’s all-purpose pistol bay, along with the club’s nine dedicated competition only ranges which allow the club to host USPSA, Steel Challenge, I-Core, Defensive Pistol, Multi-Gun, 22-Precison (MARS) and falling steel matches without closing down the membership ranges every weekend for the majority of the year.

This is just a brief introduction of the club’s property and why learning more about the club is so important through orientation and a requirement to reach member status.

We look forward to new applicants joining and seeing you around the club’s grounds.