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Checking Your Membership Status

If you know your membership number and zip-code, you can now check your membership status instantly.
The base information the club has on file, including your address and the expiration date of your membership and Fish Endorsement if elected, default date (1975).
Your membership number is on your membership card.  For Life Members, this is not your Life Membership number, but the member number listed on the recent personalized membership status letter mailed to all members with your Spring 2024 and Fall 2023 newsletters.  If you did not receive your newsletter, the club more than likely has outdated information on file for your membership.

Please note that if you don’t already have a correct email on file with your club membership records, or no email at all, then this online service will not work for you.

In these cases, you can open the tab below (“How To Update your Information:”) and send in your updated information with your email address or please continue to read to the bottom of this page before reaching out regarding your membership.

Your Membership Number is the first 4 0r 5 digits on your card before the “-” and will be a number between 5000 & 12000.

To update your membership information with this form, you are required to fill in all areas of the form.

Once you have entered your new information you can hit send.

If you have moved, please remember to note your previous address in the additional comment area – Thank you

Please Read This Page First before Calling or Emailing:

This webpage contains,

the most up to date information on the current status of membership renewal applications and or new applications that are currently being processed for the 2024 Membership Year, starting on September 1st, 2023.  The information here is to provide a starting point for members or applicates for new membership to obtain information, please start here before calling or emailing one of the club volunteers, as they are going to specifically quote the information posted here.

As of October 30th, 2023, you are now able to check your own membership status by entering your member ID number prefix and zip-code into the website above and have your current membership status emailed to you instantly.  This will only work for members with a valid email address on file with your club membership information and if your zip-code matches what is on file for your membership.

Starting In September of 2023, every Current member is Mailed their Personalized Membership Status Form with their bi-annual newsletter:
In the middle of September 2023, the club began the policy that all members, even Life Members, will receive a copy of their current membership status, along with their bi-annual Newsletters.  In the newsletter package, all your current membership information is provided for your review and update.  If information is missing like a phone number, birthdate or email, please fill it in and return with any corrections.  IF you are not receiving bi-annual Newsletter mailings, more than likely you have not updated you current mailing address, let your membership lapse, have your mail service rejecting what we are mailing you, you just didn’t open it, and or a family member tossed it out.  We can’t help you if you don’t read thoroughly what the club sends you about your membership.  Please take the time to review all the information being sent in each of the bi-annual newsletter mailings.  For those of you that still need to renew, you can simply do it online through the website, or if you still have your renewal letter and all the information is correct, just check the box on the lower back and mail it back to the club with your check or money order using the enveloped that was included in the newsletter mailing, please use the envelope provided it speeds up your renewal.

IT TAKES TIME: The club currently has over 4,400 members, of which the majority of members, approximately 3,100 of you for some reason, all seem to start sending in your yearly renewals between Thanksgiving and Valantine’s Day each year (an approximate 76-day period), Do your renewal Early so your membership does not lapse on December 31st!

REMEMBER Memberships are all only processed by one VOLUNTEER, the club’s membership secretary, please understand this is a single volunteer and that it takes on average approximately 3-5 weeks to process a renewal application once received during the height of the fundraising and renewal cycle.  Please also remember that this “Single Volunteer”, who like many of you, also has a fulltime job and is not ever at the club on a daily basis, so stopping by the club to renew is not the quickest, simplest, or best option.  Anyone stopping by the club will just be asked to do it online or take a paper form and fill out the complete paper renewal application with payment and mail in the pre-addressed envelope, or drop it in the Membership Secretary mailbox, located inside the clubhouse, at the club with your payment.  We are not saying you can’t come to the club and drop the renewal in the membership Secretary mailbox, we are explaining it is the slowest possible method you could choose to do, to renew your membership!

Please Also Remember! “DO NOT MAIL-IN CASH”, there has been an increased percentage of envelopes that do not make it through the US Mail to the Post Office Box.  Go to your local Post Office and buy a US Postal Money Order and Mail the Money Order in with your Renewal Application if you Don’t Have Personal Checks, again please do not mail CASH.  

Currently renewals are averaging 3 – 5 Weeks to be completed once received.

All renewals RECIEVED at the post office box through the mail on or before May 1st, 2024, or online by May 1st, 2024, have been processed, unless there is an issue with the renewal application or payment.

We are currently working on applications received:

  • Online May 1st, 2024, through present
  • Mailed – Received at post office box on May 1st, 2024.

Please note if you mailed your application in, we find envelopes average 3-5 days to travel by mail, thus, the postmark dates will be different than the received date we work by.  Thus, add a minimum of 5 days to when you mailed your envelope out, to approximate the date received at the PO Box and pickup.

If you mailed your application in and or processed a renewal online prior to the dates listed above and believe we should have received it, contact the membership secretary by EMAIL.

**** Remember again that the dates listed above, are the dates the club receives the mail, not when you mailed it, when sending through the US Postal Service your envelope needs time to travel before arriving at the PO Box 276 ****

If not, please be patient and check back in a week to see what date we are up to processing. 

Additionally, if you have provided an email address and or if one is currently on file with your membership, we send an email notification when your membership has been processed and renewed, and is mailed within a few days after that email notice.  By not providing the club with a correct email address and or blocking emails we send, you have elected not to receive notification of renewal or status of membership notifications.  We strongly recommend that you provide a current and correct email address to receive emails about your membership status when requested, updated or renewed.  The club does not use your email for any other purpose, nor do we distribute or sell membership information.

Thank you

Everyone always ask, what is the quickest way to renew your membership?  That is to do it early and either online or through the mail starting in September each fall.  This will provide enough time to receive your renewal before the end of the year and avoid any interruption in your membership privileges.

Always check for Updated Forms Online: Unless you are using your newest membership Status Letter you received in your most recent Newsletter or doing it online, always check the membership renewal webpage for the most up to date copy of the renewal form, under the manual renewal link. Using and filling in all the information on the most up to date forms reduces errors which will reduce delaying your renewal being processed, when mailing in renewals.

Is renewing online faster than through the mail?  The simple answer is YES.  When you renew online it provides an instant receipt of your renewal and confirmation of payment and with a printed hard copy of the emailed receipt and your prior year’s expired membership card you can continue to use your prior year’s membership card during the 3-months month of the year, till the 31st, of March.  When mailing in your renewal through the US postal service, you need to wait for your renewal application to be received, processed and the new card mailed out to you.  This takes many weeks to receive your confirmation email, if you even provided an email address, which would let you know your membership was renewed, and then you still have to wait for the new card in the mail.  So, the online renewal process is technically vastly faster, as your emailed paid receipt is confirmation of your membership status providing you a same day temporary renewal until your new card comes in the mail.  By sending in your renewal by US-mail, does take weeks longer to receive your renewal vs doing it online.  Additionally, it takes even longer to do it by going to the club, as the memberships are processed offsite, and are only collected once or twice a month and then mailed to the PO Box for processing.  Simply, delivering your membership renewal to the club, is the slowest method of renewal or application.

What is the Order of Processing Applications?  Applications are processed in date order of receipt by the membership secretary. We process both online and mailed in applications in order by the date they are received by the membership secretary, not necessarily by the post mark.  Post marks are taken into consideration for the day they are received on only, they don’t jump you to the head of the line.

Confirmation of Membership Status and Renewal are Only Emailed!  The club does not require members to list or provide an email address with their membership, however please understand that we only confirm receipt of membership renewals and or status by email once processed.  Hence, once we have processed your renewal or status request we email a confirmation to the email you provide on your renewal application and or already in our files, it takes about another week to actually receive your new membership card in the mail.  Hence by providing a current and correct email address on your renewal application, allows us to inform you when your renewal application has been processed and speeds up notification of possible issues delaying your application.  Additionally, with an email address on file, you can check your own membership status anytime through the website.

Besides what was just covered above, it seems Everyone still ask’s, why is it taking so long for my renewal.  Some of you might have heard someone else already received their renewal and or the current date of renewals received and being worked on that is noted below, is past when you mailed your application or renewed on-line.   The following check list of items are what are most likely and could be delaying your renewal.

  1. Mailed in a payment without your personalized renewal form was included with your newsletter, no renewal application and or maybe just a post-it note, no application filled out, just sent a check.  Failure to include your personalized renewal form will delay your renewal by weeks.  Please use the personalized renewal form mailed in your newsletter or the most updated renewal forms found on the website.
  2. Incorrect or no information filled out on the renewal application,
    1. Contact information listed house phone that no one answer’s and we need to confirm information not provided.
    2. Listed wrong email (online renewals)
    3. No address listed (verification of move)
    4. No Birthdate (Junior member requesting Adult Membership)
  3. Used an outdated incorrect application and sent the wrong amount of funds in and no correct contact information (See Membership Renewal Page for Forms)
  4. You sent in an application for renewal, but you did not renew for the previous year, and your membership previously lapsed.
  5. Mailed in an application with no payment.
  6. Maybe you moved and listed your old address, that was already updated, can’t verify the correct address.
  7. We might have never received your mailed in renewal application due to an issue with the US Postal Service and or email service.

In any case, all roads point more directly to the documentation received, did not provide us enough information to get a hold of you and your application has been put on the side to continue processing applications that were correctly filled out first, and we will return to yours when the rush is completed and try and research your contact information to finish processing your renewal.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Who can I contact for more information?2024-04-20T06:47:36-04:00

For additional information contact the Finacial Membership Secretary.


(484) 421-9995 extension 101

Please Note: The club is an all-volunteer organization, as thus, the Membership Office does not have office hours, and emails and calls are responded to normally within 24 hours.

I lost my card, can I get a replacement?2024-02-04T12:55:04-05:00

Before looking to apply for a replacement card, you may just want to renew your membership for another year online or through the mail and note you can’t find your card current card.

IF you just wish a replacement card for the current membership year, hold a Life Membership, or hold a Multi-Year membership, then proceed with the rest of this information.

REMEMBER when you order a new membership card your old membership card is BLACKLISTED, thus, if you find you are required to mail it back to the club, anyone found using a blacklisted card will be expelled from the club.

  • There is a $5.00 charge for replacement paper memberships cards.
  • There is a $35.00 charge for a replacement metal life membership card.

All members requesting a replacement card must submit a Replacement Card Application:

Do I have to attend orientation every year as a renewing member?2023-01-11T06:43:21-05:00

All Members are required to watch the online NSSF safety video on the website each year before renewing their membership.

However additionally with the grounds and programs at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club continuing to grow and expand each year.  Keeping abreast of the growth and change that happens each year can sometimes be surprising.  For this reason and though the in-person orientation is not mandatory every year to renew your membership, current members are encouraged to voluntarily attend an orientation at least once every 3 years as a refresher, which is held twice each month at the clubhouse. For a list of dates and times visit the orientation page

I Believe My New Membership Card Did Not Arrive In The Mail2024-02-04T12:56:43-05:00

We ask that you double check with family members, as we have found a VAST MAJORITY (99%) of the time, the envelope, is misplaced and or set on the side when it arrives at your home.

Once you have re-checked your home and have confirmed you cannot find your current membership card, download a “Replacement Card Application Form”.
This form must be filled out, signed and mailed back to the club before any replacement card will be issued, NO EXCEPTIONS!
Your originally mailed Membership Card will be Blacklisted, Do Not Use It Once Blacklisted if you find it, as anyone found using a Blacklisted Card will be suspended from the club. 

Note 1:  Membership Cards are the property of the Club, and any missing card is treated as stolen property.

Note 2:  All Members are only notified by E-mail, when their membership has been renewed.  Members not reporting that they did not receive their new card in the mail within 45-days of the date the club processes the renewal of your membership, are required to pay the $5.00 replacement card fee, no exceptions.  The $5.00 fee is only waived once and to those members who report that they did not receive their new membership card in the mail within the first 45 days once it was issued.  Those members who don’t provide a current and correct email when renewing automatically waive their right to any claim they were not notified, and we strongly suggest providing the club with a current and correct email address to receive notifications and status updates on your membership! 


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