Checking Your Membership Status

Please Read This Page First before Calling or Emailing:

This webpage contains the most up to date information on the current status of membership renewal applications and or new applications that are currently being processed for the 2022 Membership Year.  The information here is to provide a starting point for members or applicates for new membership to obtain information, please start here before calling or emailing one of the club volunteers, as they are going to most-likely quote the information posted here.

The club has over 4,300 members, of which the majority of members, approximately 3,000 of you, all send in the yearly renewal between Thanksgiving and Valantine’s Day each year (a 76-day period).

Memberships are all processed by one Volunteer, the membership secretary, please understand this is a single volunteer and that it takes on average approximately 6-8 weeks to process a renewal application, during the renewal cycle.  Please also remember that this single volunteer, who like many of you, also has a fulltime job and is not at the club on a daily basis, so stopping by the club to renew is not the quickest or simplest option.

Everyone always ask, what is the quickest way to renew your membership?  That is to do it early and either online or through the mail starting in September or October each fall.  This will provide enough time to receive your renewal before the end of the year and avoid any interruption in your membership privileges.

Always check for Updated Forms Online: Unless you are using the most recent Newsletter or doing it online, always check the membership renewal webpage to confirm you are using the most up to date copy of the renewal form.  Additionally, the membership renewal webpage also has a multi-member family form for download.  Using and filling in all the information on the most up to date forms reduces the error in delaying your renewal being processed, when mailing in renewals.

Is renewing online faster than through the mail?  The simple answer is YES.  When you renew online it provides an instant receipt of your renewal and confirmation of payment and with this copy of the emailed receipt you can continue to use your prior year’s membership card during the first quarter of each year, 31st, of March.  When mailing in your renewal through the US postal service, you need to wait for your renewal application to be received, processed and the new card mailed out to you.  This takes weeks to receive your confirmation email, if you provided an email address, letting you know your membership was renewed, and then you still have to wait for the card in the mail.  So, the online renewal process is technically vastly faster, as your emailed receipt is confirmation of your membership status providing you a same day temporary renewal until your new card comes in the mail.  By sending in your renewal by US-mail, does take weeks longer to receive your renewal vs doing it online.

What is the Order of Processing Applications?  Applications are processed in date order of receipt by the membership secretary. We process both online and mailed in applications in order by the date they are received by the membership secretary, not necessarily by post mark.  Post marks are taken into consideration if we find that the Postal Service has severely delayed the delivery of an application.  However, we work on both mailed-in and online renewals received by dates prior to moving on, unless there is an issue with your renewal application.

Confirmation of Membership are Only Emailed!  The club does not require members to list or provide an email address, however please understand that we only confirm receipt of membership renewals by email once processed.  Hence, once we have processed your renewal we email a confirmation to the email you provide on your renewal application and or already in our files, it takes about another 2 plus weeks to actually receive your new membership card in the mail.  Hence by providing a current and correct email address on your renewal application, allows us to inform you when your renewal application has been processed and speeds up notification of possible issues delaying your application.

Besides what was just covered above, it seems Everyone still ask’s, why is it taking so long for my renewal.  Some of you might have heard someone else already received their renewal and or the current date of renewals received and being worked on that is noted below, is past when you mailed your application or renewed on-line.   The following check list of items are what are most likely and could be delaying your renewal.

  1. Mailed in a payment with no renewal application and or maybe just a post-it note, no application filled out.  This will delay your renewal by weeks.  Please use the most updated renewal forms.
  2. Incorrect or no information filled out on the renewal application,
    1. Contact information listed house phone that no one answer’s and we need to confirm information not provided.
    2. Listed wrong email (online renewals)
    3. No address listed (verification of move)
    4. No Birthdate (Junior member requesting Adult Membership)
  3. Used an outdated incorrect application and sent the wrong amount of funds in and no correct contact information (See Membership Renewal Page for Forms)
  4. You sent in an application for renewal, but you did not renew for the previous year, and your membership lapsed
  5. Mailed in an application with no payment
  6. Maybe you moved and listed your old address, that was already updated, can’t verify the correct address.
  7. We might have never received your renewal application due to an issue with the US Postal Service and or email service.

In any case, all roads point more directly to the documentation received, did not provide us enough information to get a hold of you and your application has been put on the side to continue processing applications that were correctly filled out first, and we will return to yours when the rush is completed and try and research your contact information to finish processing your renewal.

Currently renewals are taking 3 – 4 Weeks to be completed once received.

We are currently working applications received prior to September 10th, 2022.

If you mailed your application in and or processed a renewal online prior to September 4th, 2022 and believe we should have received it, contact the membership secretary.

If not, please be patient and check back in a week to see what date we are up to processing.