Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club, Inc. 
is Hosting 4 Matches in 2023 for the
Modern American Rimfire Series

Excerpts from the MARS website  

The Modern American Rimfire Series “MARS is designed to give back to the firearms community by providing: affordable, competitive outlets for practical style rimfire enthusiasts; practice opportunities for precision centerfire competitors; and accessible, beginner friendly options for new and junior shooters.”

Additionally, competitors are NOT required to join the MARS Series to compete in a match, though it is encouraged to support the program; new shooters and veteran shooters wishing to know more and experience this sport are encouraged to come out to a match for fun and get a feel for the sport.  Does not matter if you are competitive, that comes with time, the important part is to meet others and enjoy your day at the range sharing in a challenging shooting discipline that requires less than 110 rounds of ammunition to compete in a match.        

For those of you wishing to join the Series, “The Modern American Rimfire Series (MARS) is a year long cumulative points competition for practical 22LR precision rifle shooters. MARS’s goal is to promote the shooting sports and defend the 2nd Amendment.


Match Dates:

  • Sunday May 7th, 2023 – Practiscore Registration Link    –   Match Entry $25.00 for Adults & $15.00 for Jr Shooters
    • MAtch Book
  • Sunday June 4th, 2023 – Practiscore Registration Link    –   Match Entry $25.00 for Adults & $15.00 for Jr Shooters
    • MAtch Book
  • Sunday July 2nd, 2023 – Practiscore Registration Link    –   Match Entry $25.00 for Adults & $15.00 for Jr Shooters
    • MAtch Book
  • Sunday September 3rd, 2023 – Practiscore Registration Link    –   Match Entry $25.00 for Adults & $15.00 for Jr Shooters
    • MAtch Book

Is it Match Day? You can still pay for a last-minute registration online at events.ontelaunee.org.


Park in the Lower Parking Area
Check-in Required at the MARS Program Trailer
MUST Wear EYE & EAR Protection 

  1. All Attendees must Check-in at the Ontelaunee MARS Trailer,
    see map below for parking and where to check-in.
    1. There is no fee to attend this Introduction Night.
  2. All Attendees must sign a participation waiver at the Check-in desk.
    1. Jr Shooters must have an Adult with them. 
  3. All attendees must wear proper eye and ear protection.
  4. Those of you bringing your own firearm, you MUST have it flagged and in a bag and do not unbag the firearm at anytime unless under the direction and supervision of One of the MARS Program Range Officers.  No Exceptions!
    1. Please let the check-in desk know you have equipment with you.
    2. To try a stage, you must bring your own ammunition with you.
  5. Please Park in the lower lot and walk over to the MARS Check-in Trailer by the north facing competition ranges; see map below.
  6. We are asking, not required though, that you also email the Ontelaunee MARS Program match director to let the program know you are coming and if you are planning to bring your equipment, so we can make arrangements for the number attending.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact the MARS’s program match director and we look forward to seeing you at the range this season.

Match Director’s Email:  3gun@ontelaunee.org 

Information About shooting Long Range Rimfire Matches:

Getting Started

For more information about the 2022 Modern American Rimfire Series (MARS),

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