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April 24,2021

The Season of the Pandemic

Dear Trap Shooter,

          What a different season it has been with many cancelled shoots and rain all day on shoot off day. It was a successful season just being able to finish. Once again we finished in 3rd place for the fifth consecutive year, 28 targets behind League Champion North End. On the bright side we had three shooters in the top ten, the Junior High Overall, Male Jr Runner-up, and High Female Senior Veteran category winners in the league. At the league shoot off in the rain, 16 of our shooters placed in their classes and won a total of $2275. We had three shooters who broke their first 25 in league competition. Thanks to all members of the trap team who made it a great team to be a member of in this difficult pandemic season. As a special thanks from the league all our shooters who made all 14 shoots will receive 2 boxes of shells.

Let us review the individual statistics in League competition for this past year.


3rd High Gun                                      Tom Motzkus                           267×275

6th High Gun                                      Mike Oswald                            266×275

8th High Gun                                      Larry Oswald                           265×275

Junior High Overall                            Owen Daniels                           308×350

Male Junior Runner Up                      Eric Kline                                 241×275

High Female Senior Vet                      Joyce Marsh                             221×275


In class competition Ontelaunee shooters won the following prizes.


High Gun Class 1st through 3rd Split    Tom Motzkus                           $225

Mike Oswald                            $225

4th place                Larry Oswald                           $175


Class 1                  1st place                Kurt Rodenbach                       $250


Class 2                  1st & 2nd Split        Mark Strickland                       $237.50

7th Place                Owen Daniels                           $100

8th & 9th Split        Mark Ferdinand                        $62.50


Class 3                  1st Place                Len Wydra                               $250

5th Place                Lorne Palansky                        $150

6th Place                Tyler Motzkus                          $125


Class 4                  8th Place                John Hosak                              $75

9th Place                Jim Gontar                               $50


Class 5                  8th Place                Chris Prudente                          $75


Class 6                  9th Place                Lee Marsh                                $50


Class 7                  4th Place                Gloria Reiter                            $175


Open Class Winner                            Tom McFadden                        $50

The top 6 guns and High Lady, Junior and Veteran shooters during the 2020-2021 season, based on the 14 shoots for High Overall Champion and 11 of 14 shoots for high gun awards for our team were as follows.

High Overall                            Tom Motzkus                           337×350

1st High Gun                             Mike Oswald                            266×275

2nd High Gun                            Larry Oswald                           265×275

3rd High Gun                            Kurt Rodenbach                       260×275 (50 in shootoff)

4th High Gun                             Joe Mule                                  260×275 (47 in shootoff)

5th High Gun                             Chris Cohoon                           259×275

High Lady                                Joyce Marsh                             221×275

High Junior                              Owen Daniels                           251×275

High Sub Jr.                             Jonathan Orendach                   207×275

High Veteran                            Mark Ferdinand                        250×275

High Sr. Vet                             Roger Wanamaker                    254×275


A total of 31 perfect scores were shot this year as compared to 38 perfect scores last year, a decrease of 7 perfect scores. The all-time high for the Lehigh Valley Trap League was Ontelaune’s record breaking 129 perfect scores in 1983. The final breakdown of perfect scores is as follows (a box of shells is awarded for each perfect score)


Larry Oswald                  4                                    Owen Daniels                 1                 

Mike Oswald                  4                                     Mark Ferdinand              1

Tom Motzkus                 3                                     Dave Mackanich             1

Karl Bednar                    2                                     Travis Miller                   1

Chris Cohoon                 2                                     Tyler Motzkus                1

Joe Kmetz                       2                                     Scott Reinhard                1

Joe Mule                         2                                     Kurt Rodenbach              1

Mark Strickland              2                                     Brian Wanamaker           1

Roger Wanamaker          2

A total of 17 different shooters had perfect scores this season as compared to 17 different shooters last season. The Ontelaunee team, and also the league record is 56 shooters in 1983.

The number of shooters who shot this past season totaled 82 as compared to 84 shooters last season, a decrease of two. A total of 23 shooters made all 14 shoots this year as compared to 28 shooters last year, a decrease of 5. The shooters making all 14 shoots are eligible for the six $50 awards which will be drawn at the Leagues award ceremony in our grove area. Also, shooters who made 14 shoots will receive 2 boxes of shells in appreciation for doing so in this difficult pandemic season from the league on May 8th.     A total of 50 shooters qualified for the shoot offs this year as compared to 59 shooters last year, a decrease of 9. We had 3 shooters break their first 25 in league competition this year:  Brian Wanamaker, Travis Miller, and Mark Strickland…Congratulations guys.


The shooters who made all 14 shoots are as follows:

Tim Bernhardt                John Hosak                    Chuck Moog                  James Gontar

Lee Costenbader             Erik Kline                       Tom Motzkus                 Scott Reinhard

Owen Daniels                 Rick Kline                      Tyler Motzkus                Kurt Rodenbach

Max Enama                    Joyce Marsh                   Roger Wanamaker          Joe Mule

Mark Ferdinand              Lee Marsh                      Jonathan Orendach          Len Wydra

Bob Foose                      Arnold Metzger              Larry Oswald


With the 2020-2021 season behind us, we can now look forward to the 2021-2022 season when all teams start from 0 targets.

We hope to see all of you back next year and a few of your friends. Let’s all sell the Ontelaunee Trap Team as a great team to be a member of, not only from a competitive basis, but also from a standpoint of sportsmanship as well as fellowship. Let’s all try to sharpen our shooting skills a little and be more competitive for the 2021-2022 season in the Lehigh Valley Trap League.  Until then may God bless everyone with good health, happiness, and prosperity.



The Banquet Committee

Roger Wanamaker, Dave Mackanich, Lee Costenbader, Tyler Motzkus, and Tom Motzkus.