Match Director: Adam Wilson (

2024 Schedule

April 13th 6 Stages

June 8th 6 Stages

August 10th 8 Stages

September 19th through 22nd – Championship Match

Dear Shooter,

As I previously sent there are some changes coming to our matches.
Staff changes:

  • Adam Wilson, Match Director
  • Dave Klucar, Asst match Director, Stats and scoring
  • John Danner, RO coordinator, Asst Prize table coordinator
  • Jeremy Beaver, Range Master
  • Mike Ames, Quarter Master
  •  Mike Romaniw, Adviser to RM and QM
  • Angie Wilson, Prize table, Food tent, and all things great

I have decided to rebrand our monthly matches to Keystone Steel Challenge. You will find the April match open for registration on practiscore: The monthly matches are where most of our changes are taking effect. I have decided to change the price to $20 a gun for adults and $15 a gun for juniors. There will no longer be paybacks for monthly matches. However I am coming up with some unique prizes for monthly matches.

You will also find that our facebook page is being renamed Keystone Steel Challenge and I am in the process of creating a website called . Nothing to see there yet but it is in the works.

The championship is not changing and will be the same as the years past. This year will be the 10th annual East Coast Steel Challenge Championship. To commemorate this I have lots of ideas in the works! I am also working on a form for people to submit to help staff the championship as in years past.

Nothing else really to report at this time. I hope to see you all out shooting as we start the 2023 season next month!


Adam Wilson

Match Director