2022 Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club 

Junior Pheasant Hunt

The Club property was stocked 10/29/22 in the a.m. for the 1 day Junior Pheasant Hunt. Here are a few pictures from this years’ event…


October 2021

Photo from the 2020 Junior Pheasant Hunt

Owen at 484-629-4903 or Joe at Sipos_joe@yahoo.com


2017 Junior Pheasant Hunt

We had a soggy but successful Junior hunt this year. Mother nature made sure everyone went home wet! In spite of the rain the young hunters did quite well, with everyone limiting out. Thank you to the helpers who caught pheasants and stocked them. We hope to see everyone again next year!

First picture, Joshua and Ben Mcquilken

Second Picture, Conor Sandt

Third picture, Mathew and Micheal Hill






Ontelaunee held our junior pheasant hunt on October 8th and 10th 2016 for kids age 12 to 16. Saturday we had 4 young hunters go out in groups of two and Monday we had six. We had 3 first time pheasant hunters and all three bagged their first pheasant! We have a very good bunch of hunters, everybody observed safety rules and the shooting was exceptional! (bad news for the pheasants, there were hardly any that got away!) Nobody left empty-handed and judging by the the ear to ear grins, it seemed like the boys enjoyed their day in the field. We are already looking forward to next year! Thank you to the helpers who helped supervise the kids, catch and stock birds, and volunteer their dogs to guide the hunt. Included are some photos of the successful hunters, good job guys!


Brian Riggins

Brian Riggins

Tate Eric (Floyd Miller- dog handler) Reilly Crawford

Tate Eric (Floyd Miller- dog handler) Reilly Crawford

Micheal and Matthew Hill

Micheal and Matthew Hill

Matthew and Ben Dunstan

Matthew and Ben Dunstan

Josh and Ben McQuilken

Josh and Ben McQuilken

October 10th and 12th 2015, Ontelaunee rod and gun club Sponsored a junior pheasant hunt.

It was a big success, with lots of big smiles at the end of the day.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the days of hunting a success!


Below: Dawson Billig and Johri Solomon


Below: Jordan Piechota, Tyler Thomas and Cameron Vaka


Below: Matt Dunstan and Benjamin Mcquilkin


Below: Benjamin Mcquilken and Matt Dunstan


Every Year Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club raises pheasants.