Practice will be held Thursday afternoons, year-round weather permitting, based on availability to open the range. Practice will run from approximately noon until dusk. If you would like to attend Thursday Practice, please contact Rocco Bara @ 484-895-8376 no later than Tuesday evening. The range will be open only if we know that shooters are planning to attend. Practice is open to anyone interested.


  1. Practice days are scheduled to begin at 10:00am. All matches are scheduled to begin at 9:00am. A competitors meeting will be held at 8:45am and targets will be shown at 8:50am.IntTrap1

  1. We will attempt to provide a selection of ammunition for all registered competitions. All ammo provided will be 24 gram, 7½ shot. Ammo availability is not guaranteed, call in advance if you need ammo.

  2. Participants are strongly asked to pre-register for events. Matches will be limited to the first 30 shooters with preference given to those shooters who have given notice.


  3. No extra rounds will be allowed during a competition to make up for missed days. If you cannot make every day of a competition, you cannot compete for awards or prizes.

  4. If you cannot make a complete competition, you are welcome to participate for practice on any competition day provided the event has not been filled. If there are openings, you will get to shoot provided that: a) you notify us the day before b) you show up at least 30 minutes before the shoot starts. If neither is done and you show up during a comIntTrap2petition day, you will be permitted to shoot only if there are openings.

  5. Lunch will be provided on the first day of a 2 day event.

  6. For more information contact Rocco Bara at 484-895-8376

  7. Directions and local accommodations can be found on our website:

Photos from 2017 Gran Prix of America

The end of July in Northeastern Pennsylvania is usually hot, humid and can be quite unpleasant.

Thus, the sunny, 75-degree weekend of 28–30 July was an extremely welcome aberration to the participants in Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club’s annual Grand Prix of America.  As late of Friday morning, the forecast was for rain. Thankfully, God is a trapshooter.

The shoot boasted competitors from as far away as Florida, Ohio, Detroit in addition to the usual suspects from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Saturday, three squads shot over setting #5 and Ontelaunee lived up to its reputation as a tough place to shoot.  Sunday’s setting #1 was far more popular.

We employed the new finals method, and while It took a little getting used to, we found it to be FAR superior to the old one. At the end, Andy Katzenmoyer took Gold, Will Machauer won Silver and Bronze went to Guy Avedisian.

We were pleased to welcome some new juniors to our range ( Ian Lee & Adan Costenbader ) and saw some very encouraging improvement over the course of the weekend.

While no world records were endangered, everyone had a good time.

On the culinary side, beef brisket and pulled pork, corn and other delicious food flowed in abundance over the entire weekend. And such good food went a long way to salve bruised egos after a tough round.

We hope to see everyone back next year.