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This Building is OFF LIMITS to
Crossbows &

Junior Programs

Membership Access

Currently, the building will be limited to onsite range officer supervision, and those days and hours will be uploaded to the master calendar once a schedule is established this fall.  Those interested in serving as range officers contact the board.

Additionally, members have been asking about anytime access via a card access system.  See the HOW DO I GET ACCESS? section on this page, under the dropdown tab.

Indoor Archery Range
Ontelaunee’s Indoor Archery Information!

Club Open Practice:
The Indoor Archery Range is open Wednesday evenings from 6pm until 8pm for Open Practice!
There is a $2 fee for target faces.  Come out and experience our premiere indoor archery facility…
Adult Members are allowed to pay for and bring (2) Guests on Wednesday Evenings, Guest passes required to be paid for each.

The club’s 25-meter regulation 9-Target butt, 18-lane indoor Archery Range is open and hosting both Sanctioned USA Archery Indoor Tournaments, and S3DA Indoor Tournaments check the “Upcoming Indoor Tournaments & Events” dropdown TAB below for more information.

The club’s newly formed USA Archery JOAD Team holds practices in the new facility on Thursday evenings, for more information on the JOAD Team, see the Team’s Webpage.

The club’s newly formed S3DA Team holds practices in the new facility on Monday evenings, for more information on the S3DA Team, see the Team’s Webpage.

Watch the club’s master calendar schedule, and signup for the club’s weekly email newsletter, and also below you can register to receive target archery specific tournament information emails on all future events being held at the club.

Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club’s Indoor Tournament Season Is Done till the Fall of 2024.

Come back this Summer to see what’s up next this fall.

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2024 Ontelaunee’s Blossom Fest 25-Meter Indoor

2024 Pennsylvania State JOAD Indoor Championship – East & West Results

  • In 2024 FITA of Pennsylvania held the State JOAD Championships at 2 locations
    • Eastern PA was held at Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club
    • Western PA was held at Bill’s Archery Center
    • Final results were combined together.

February 18th, 2024, Great Chill Out 18-Meter Star FITA Indoor

Event hosted by The Ontelaunee Archer’s JOAD Team

January 7th, 2024, Pennsylvania S3DA Indoor Target Regional Tournament
Hosted by the Ontelaunee Archers S3DA Program – Results Pending

December 17th, 2023, Jack Frost Jubilee 18-Meter Star FITA Indoor

October 22, 2023  –  18-Meter Indoor Event (USA Archery Star FITA Event)

Event Hosted by the Ontelaunee Archers JOAD Team

Group Picture of 1:00pm Afternoon Line

September 17, 2023  –  25-Meter Indoor Event  (USA Archery Star FITA Event)

Yes, it’s been a work in progress for several years now but its finally completed, the new indoor 25-meter USA Archery tournament compliant building now ready for use.

The facility has 9 target bales, each bale will allow for 2 lanes, this translates to 18-lanes and can accommodate regulation USA Archery 18- and 25-METER tournaments.  The Ontelaunee Archers’ new facility will be hosting indoor and outdoor tournaments as well as evening leagues. Also, with the building built adjacent to the existing outdoors ranges, we now have outdoor lighting for hosting shoots, outdoors, and under the lights.

Wednesday Night Open Practice for Members:

Currently, the building is limited to onsite range officer supervision on Wednesday nights from 6:00pm to 8:00pm during the winter of 2024.  Hour’s may change come spring.

24-Hour Indoor Range Access:

Members have been asking about 24-hour access. The club is currently reviewing this option for members through a card access system, when the club’s board, has received enough support to balance against the investment in adding the system they will move forward.

As thus at this time we are asking for current members and or non-members who are interested in this type of access to let us know of your interest level.  No specific program or fee/donation schedule has been established and the club’s board is looking for input from the general membership and others on this.

A first draft/mock endorsement fee schedule is shown here only as a concept for members and non-members to provide the board with feedback and input.  We ask all who have an interest to please provide your feedback and suggestions through the form below.   Thank you!

One Member’s suggestion…..

Only current members in good standing will be able to add an indoor archery endorsement to their base membership.

This member’s suggested fee structure, which is not a formal plan is the following:

  • A $20.00 one-time application fee
    • Which includes your access card or smart phone app certification.
    • Replacement cards or app certifications will be $20.00.
  • Plan “A” – Annual Access – 12 months
    • (12) x $7.50 per month for $90.00 paid annually
  • Plan “B” – Seasonal Access – October through March
    • Seasonal passes are a flat fee of $72.00.
    • Seasonal passes will not be prorated.

Please provide your own thoughts and suggestions through the form below.  Furthermore, if you have additional information, you can also email the club’s current membership secretary at

Are you a current member? *
If not a current member would you be joining to use this building?