Ontelaunee's Indoor Archery Building

Potential Pricing

Only current members in good standing will be able to apply and purchase a seasonal or annual access pass, which is on top of your membership dues.

Pricing for this access is currently being planned for the following:

  • A $20.00 one-time application fee
    • Which includes your access card or smart phone app certification.
    • Replacement cards or app certifications will be $20.00.
  • Plan “A” – Annual Access – 12 months
    • (12) x $7.50 per month for $90.00 paid annually
  • Plan “B” – Seasonal Access – October through March
    • Seasonal passes are a flat fee of $72.00.
    • Seasonal passes will not be prorated.

Note both Annual and seasonal access passes could span 2 different membership years, as thus you will be required to make sure club membership dues are paid before the end of the year with enough time for your membership to be renewed in order to not lose access come January 1st, until your club membership becomes active again.

Indoor Archery Building Opening Mid Spring 2023

The rumors are true if you got wind that the New 25 meter regulation 16 lane indoor Archery Range will be completed this spring.  The finishing touches are being completed as we post this information.

Yes, it’s been a work in progress for several years now but this spring the new indoor 25-meter USA Archery tournament compliant building will be opening.

The facility will have 16-lanes and can accommodate regulation USA Archery 18- and 25-METER tournaments. The Ontelaunee Archers’ new facility will be hosting indoor and outdoor tournaments as well as evening leagues. Also, with the building built adjacent to the existing outdoors ranges, we now have outdoor lighting for hosting shoots outdoors under the lights in the spring and fall.

With the new building comes a host of new activities and the building will be officially opened on Saturday, June 24th, 2023 at 4:00PM, the afternoon before the “Saturday Night Showdown” under the outdoor lights, which starts at 8:00PM that evening.

The building will also host the Ontelaunee Archers newly formed USA Archery JOAD Team Program (Junior Olympic Archery Development) which is holding an open house for its first meeting on Friday May 5th. – for more information about this program see the JOAD Team Webpage.

The club is also forming an S3DA program, information will be forth coming when that programs director is secured and the webpage is upload this spring, sanctioned shoots for S3DA will not be held until next year, 2024.

Members have been asking about what type of access the new building will have. At this time it will be limited to on site range officer supervision, and those days and hours will be uploaded to the master calendar once a schedule is confirmed.

Additionally, members have been asking about anytime access via a card access system. The club is currently working on possibly adding this option for members if we can get enough interest to support the cost.

As thus at this time we are asking members and or potential members to register with the form below if you would be interested in paying for this exclusive access to the building between the hours of 5 am and 11 pm each day that there is not an event or program already being held in the building that day.

If you are interested in obtaining an annual access pass and or seasonal pass, please signup for notification of when it becomes available.  We are working off this registration list and once we have enough members willing to pay for this additional access, we will implement the system. 

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If not a current member would you be joining to use this building?