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Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club is affiliated with the CMP under club number 25233

and with the National Rifle Association club number B0027

National Match Course Schedule and Summary

Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club – Senior High Power Rifle Committee

Richard Benjamin

2024 Schedule

Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club – High Power Competitive Rifle Events
These are approved National Rifle Association 100 Yard Tournaments.
Participants are required to wear ear and eye protection while shooting matches.
The fee for each match is $15.00 per shooter.  These matches are open to the public.
Match No.                  Day / Date of Match                          Start Time                        Location
        1                         Sunday, January 21, 2024                  8:30 A.M.                         Rifle Range
        2                         Sunday, February 18, 2024                8:30 A.M.                         Rifle Range
        3                         Sunday, March 17, 2024                     8:30 A.M.                         Rifle Range
        4                         Sunday, April 21, 2024                       8:30 A.M.                         Rifle Range
        5                         Sunday, May 19, 2024                        8:30 A.M.                         Rifle Range
        6                         Sunday, June 16, 2024                       8:30 A.M.                         Rifle Range
        7                         Sunday, July 14, 2024                        8:30 A.M.                         Rifle Range
        8                         Sunday, August 11, 2024                   8:30 A.M.                         Rifle Range
        9                         Sunday, September 08, 2024             8:30 A.M.                         Rifle Range
      10                         Sunday, October 13, 2024                  8:30 A.M.                        Rifle Range
      11                         Sunday, November 10, 2024              8:30 A.M.                        Rifle Range
      12                         Sunday, December 08, 2024              8:30 A.M.                        Rifle Range
NRA High Power Rifle Competition Rules apply to all matches.
The course of fire for each stage is listed below.  All stages are shot at 100 yards.
Rule No.      Position                    Number of shots / Time            Type of fire                      Target
    7.1            Standing                   10 shots in 10 minutes            Slow fire, single load          SR-1
    7.2            Sitting or Kneeling  10 shots in 60 seconds            Rapid fire with reload         SR-1
    7.3            Prone                        10 shots in 70 seconds            Rapid fire with reload        SR-21
    7.4            Prone                        20 shots in 20 minutes             Slow fire, single load         MR-31
A total of 50 shots are required for the match.  The maximun possible score is 500 points.
Preparation time and sighting rounds will be permitted for each stage of fire.
Competitors in NRA Approved Tournaments are not required to be NRA members.
Shooters must be 12 years old or older to participate.
Match scores are reported to the NRA, posted online and in the Ontelaunee club house.