The Ontelaunee Guest Pass Policy

Ontelaunee allows its members to bring two guests, per adult member, at one time to use the Archery range, trap range and the membership rifle and pistol ranges.

Adult guest passes are $10.00 per day, per adult,
18 years and older.
 Jr. guest passes are $5.00, per day,
per child, and are for children
under 18 years of age.

**** The forms for an Adult guests are different from the Junior guest forms ****

Failure to follow these rules will result in automatic expulsion of the sponsoring member.

Guests without a pass will be considered to be trespassing on club property.

Trespassing charges may be filed.

  1. Guest pass forms MUST be filled out completely.
  2. You must be a current member of Ontelaunee Rod and Gun club to have a guest. The limit is two guests per adult member at one time.
  3. Guest passes are only able to be used on the Archery range, trap range (between trap houses #1 and #2) and the north facing rifle/pistol membership ranges.
  4. You must legibly fill out guest pass form, fill out and display guest pass and pay for guest pass upon arrival. Do not do anything including unloading vehicle, setting targets or walking on property before filling out and paying for the guest pass. There will be no exceptions to this rule. The form must be completely filled out.
  5. The member named on the guest pass form must be with guest at all times while on club property. Guests are only allowed to be where the member is when on club property.
  6. Member bringing guests must know and teach guest all range rules. The member bringing the guest(s) is responsible for the guest and all actions of the guest.
  7. Membership cards and guest passes must be displayed while on club property.
  8. Charges for guest pass is $10.00 per adult 18 years and older, $5.00 for guest 17 years old and younger. Only 2 guests per member are allowed.
  9. Make checks out to: Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club.
  10. After form is filled out and guest pass is cut out fold form with payment and put in one of the provided envelopes then insert the envelope into the guest pass lock box to the left of the main doors at the clubhouse.
  11. Guest passes are only valid for one day and the guest must be with the member at all times. There is no limit on how many times you bring guests.
  12. You are able to print out a guest pass from the Ontelaunee web site. This allows you to have it filled out before you arrive. Then all you need to do is deposit the form with payment at the clubhouse and make sure your guest is displaying their pass.
  13. If the range you are using is full the guest(s) must share the lane with the member that brought the guest(s). Members have priority on the ranges in the event the range is full.
  14. Commercial activities such as firearms/archery classes are not permitted when using a guest pass. Any commercial activity must be approved by the Board of Directors.



You can print a guest pass form to fill out before coming to the club.

There are separate forms for adults and juniors.

If you have any questions please email Tim at