Due to the water temperature and the recommendation

        of the PA Fish Commission and our fish supplier, TROUT

        WILL NOT BE STOCKED in the fish pond!!!  We apologize

for any inconvenience this may cause!!!

Members with current fish badges are invited to fish the pond for the existing bass, catfish and panfish.  Please do not keep any bass or catfish!!! 




2020 Fish Badges are available!


Your 2020 Fish Badge will be honored in year 2021!  For those of you who collect our fish badges or haven’t purchased a fish badge for 2020, 2021 badges will be made available for sale! 

* You must be a member to fish at the pond and you must have an Ontelaunee fishing badge. The badge is $10.00 to get one call 610-298-2265. This money helps pay for the fish and the upkeep of the pond. The detailed fish pond rules are given to you when you buy a badge.


The club stocks the pond with Rainbow trout, Brook trout and Brown trout. There are also some catfish and bass in the pond. The pond is stocked twice each year.

Click Here for the Fish Pond Rules

* During the youth fishing contest the child is not required to have a badge but must be accompanied by an adult member.

If you have any other questions about fishing contact Terry at 610-767-8503.