Ontelaunee’s Outdoor Archery Range

The Archery Range is located just south of the New Indoor Archery Building

You may park in the area just north of the New Indoor Archery Range, and then walk around the building to get to the southside, where the outdoor range is located.  Those of you unfamiliar with the archery building’s location, to get to the archery parking area, make a left in front of the main clubhouse and drive across in front of the main storage shed (see map photo).  Drive up the incline and you may park to the left and right of the drive that leads to the New Archery Building.  Do not drive down and past the tree line, nor down and around to the south side of the building.   Please remember to use caution when the ground is very wet, as your vehicle may not be able to drive through the field area and possible muddy conditions.

For additional information about the outdoor archery range contact:

  • Jesse White  610-393-6013
  • Shane White –