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Ontelaunee Jr Rifle Report



            The team is at Guthsville tonight for the season opener of the Lehigh Valley Prone League.

            On September 16th & 17th , Wilkes-Barre Rifle & Pistol Club hosted the Pa State Prone Championship. We had a total of 7 competitors representing Ontelaunee which included 4 juniors and 3 coaches. The match conditions appeared to be predictable and not all that hard to figure out, but I have to say this was a tricky range to shoot at. There were many times when the wind flags and mirage were moving in the same direction, but your shot placed opposite. We all quickly learned that the mirage was more predictable then the wind flags. This was something new for most of our juniors to learn and master. During one target change, Calista Smoyer was smiling as she said to me “I’m starting to understand mirage”. She went on to finish the weekend as “High Junior”. This is her 2nd year in row for this award. Coach Bill Burkert finished 2nd overall and also won “High Senior”. On day one Emma Rhode placed 1st in the Sharpshooter Class, but the following day she would have to settle for 2nd as her father, Tab Rhode, took those same honors. Chad Grafe dominated and won the Marksman Class on day 2. Jeanne Haverhill and yours truly rounded out the Ontelaunee shooters.

            On September 24th , Calista competed in the Tiger Open held at The University of Memphis. She had a great performance and a nice outcome. Her 3-P smallbore score of 570 and her 60 shot air rifle score of 576, placed her above many of the college team competitors. 

            October 1st we hosted the Southeastern Air Rifle League. This was the season opener and four Ontelaunee Juniors placed in the top 5. Calista Smoyer was the match winner with a score of 584 out of a possible 600, all in the standing position.

            This past Sunday, Calista, Jeanne, and Madilyn competed in the Mountaineer Open. This was a college run match, hosted by the West Virginia University. There were a total of 64 shooters in the smallbore match with Calista 8th, Madilyn 11th, and Jeanne 37th. For the offhand air rifle match there were 66 shooters and Calista was 11th, Madilyn 20th, and Jeanne 29th.

            The ICRL 3-P smallbore league matches have started up. These matches are held on Friday evenings at various clubs.           


Tom Fister,

Ontelaunee Jr Rifle           


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