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Ontelaunee Jr Rifle Report
Calista, Emma, Madilyn, Jeanne, and Sarah did very well at the CMP National air rifle match. Out of 46 teams, they finished in 6th place on day 1 and 7th on day 2. Madilyn won a bronze medal in her age group on day 1. Emma won a bronze medal on day 1 and a silver medal on day 2 in her age group. There was fun while away from the range too. They enjoyed a boat ride to an island and also go-cart racing.
At the conclusion of the CMP Nationals, Calista, Madilyn, and Jeanne traveled straight to Fort Benning, Georgia. There they competed in the USA Shooting National Matches. Over the course of a week they shot in the women’s international air rifle, women’s smallbore prone, and women’s smallbore 3-P matches. This was their first time attending these national matches,and they had a great experience. At these types of matches, it can be difficult to keep your focus where it needs to be for making a good shot. There’s a large number of competitors, parents, and college coaches in attendance. I believe our juniors did very well minding their thoughts and controlling their emotions.
On July 2nd, Ontelaunee hosted an outdoor 3-P match at North End. Attendance was low, mainly because local club juniors were at the USA Nationals. One of our juniors, Griffin Lake, was able to make his debut in 3-P. He is presently our youngest member and has been doing great in the sport.
Last week Sarah was back at Camp Perry, Ohio. This time was not for a match, but for an NRA training camp she attended. They worked on 3-P smallbore while outdoor and also air rifle inside the CMP indoor range.
Next week we have juniors heading in different directions. Emma and Madilyn will be going to Connecticut to compete in the National 3-P Smallbore Match, sponsored by the American Smallbore Shooting Association. Also, Calista and I will be flying to Colorado where she will compete in the National American Legion air rifle match.
The month of August is our normal break from practice. There are still matches to attend but we’ll be taking care of some maintenance items before returning to our training.

Tom Fister,
Ontelaunee Jr Rifle

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