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To get a ticket or if you have any questions please call Lee Costenbader484-221-5692

2018 Results

Month Ticket # Winner Gun
August 144 Ira Remington 870 12 ga
August 109 Richard Savage Axis 308 Rifle
August 1278 Paul Stoger  410 O/U
August 1057 Sheldon Kimber Micro 9mm
August 1708 Walter Taurus M65 357 Mag
July 754 Kenneth Savage Stevens Axis 223  .223cal.                   
July 1414 Olen Benelli Nova 3 1/2″  Blk Syn. 12ga.                  
July 1632 Raymond CVA Wolf 209mag. Blue Comp  50cal              
July 1612 Joseph Savage MKIIF Blue Syn Stock                          
June 459 Ron Mossberg M500 Combo 12ga. 24″ & 28″ bbl    
June 291 Russel Weatherby Vanguard S/S Syn. Stk-2  223Rem
June 1523 Angelo S&W AR-15  223cal.                                              
June 912 William Henry 22LR Lever Action Golden Boy    22lr
May 1140 Mildred Remington 870 Exp. Wood Slug Gun 12ga
May 554 Lyman Traditions Deer Hunter Flintock 50cal. 
May 452 Ruthanne Heritage Revolver 2 cylinders 22/22mag
May 1022 Jason CVA Optima 209mag
May 922 Ed Ruger LCP-380  380cal
April 885 Larry Remington M700 SPS  308Win.
April 535 Russell Mossberg M835 Ulti Mag Camo 12ga
April 229 Tom Savage M9317 FXP w/scope 17HMR
April 2 Ryan Taurus Poly Judge  45/410
March 504 Thomas Remington 700 SPS 22/250
March 30 Robert Remington 870 20Ga
March 565 David Ruger SR-22  Pistol 22lr
March 1718 Glenn Henry 22lr Lever Action
February 25 David Mossberg M535 Syn Blue 12Ga
February 1742 David S&W Ladysmith M642 .38 Spec
February 1374 Jim Marlin XT 17SR 17HMR
February 1151 Chris Marlin M336 Lever 30-30
January 963 Matthew Savage M220 Slug Gun 20ga
January 1517 John Ruger LCP-380
January 971 Joseph Marlin XT 17V 17HMR
January 1435 Alland Remington 700 SPS 30-06
January 1633 Joseph Weatherby Sporter 270




































If you have any questions please contact Lee Costenbader484-221-5692