If you have any questions call Lee Costenbader484-221-5692


To get a ticket or if you have any questions please call Lee Costenbader484-221-5692

2018 Results

Month Ticket # Winner Gun
May 1140 Mildred Remington 870 Exp. Wood Slug Gun 12ga
May 554 Lyman Traditions Deer Hunter Flintock 50cal. 
May 452 Ruthanne Heritage Revolver 2 cylinders 22/22mag
May 1022 Jason CVA Optima 209mag
May 922 Ed Ruger LCP-380  380cal
April 885 Larry Remington M700 SPS  308Win.
April 535 Russell Mossberg M835 Ulti Mag Camo 12ga
April 229 Tom Savage M9317 FXP w/scope 17HMR
April 2 Ryan Taurus Poly Judge  45/410
March 504 Thomas Remington 700 SPS 22/250
March 30 Robert Remington 870 20Ga
March 565 David Ruger SR-22  Pistol 22lr
March 1718 Glenn Henry 22lr Lever Action
February 25 David Mossberg M535 Syn Blue 12Ga
February 1742 David S&W Ladysmith M642 .38 Spec
February 1374 Jim Marlin XT 17SR 17HMR
February 1151 Chris Marlin M336 Lever 30-30
January 963 Matthew Savage M220 Slug Gun 20ga
January 1517 John Ruger LCP-380
January 971 Joseph Marlin XT 17V 17HMR
January 1435 Alland Remington 700 SPS 30-06
January 1633 Joseph Weatherby Sporter 270




































If you have any questions please contact Lee Costenbader484-221-5692